Monday, May 7, 2012

so even though it was unplanned & totally chaotic, we moved!! yep, again. this is our 6th move in 5 years.  totally normal, right?  NOT!!!!! For 2 people who HATE moving as much as we do, we sure do it a lot.  Anyways, heres how this move came about.  Like I mentioned a few posts ago, Magno is going to be starting another job.  In his position, even though he gets paid hourly, he also gets paid commission, & it takes a while for the commission to kick in once he starts the job.  So, coming off an already hard financial position from his crazy job year, we were both worried that staying in irvine wouldn't be the smartest choice because of how high rent is alone.  We want to have more of a cushion so that money is that last thing he's worried about going into this new job, where he will be working 10 hours a day 6 days a week.  So, we decided to move back to orange into the apartment we left from last September.  My sister still lives there & had a somewhat spare bedroom, so we decided that would be a good option for us, at least for the summer while Magno gets his groove at the new job.  It also works out perfectly because my sister works for a school, so her income is cut in half over the summer when school is out.  So I think its just one of those things where everything seemed to work, so we just did it!  Our apartment lease in irvine wasnt up until the end of July though, so I posted an ad on Craigslist to see if somebody wanted to sublet it from us.  Low and behold, they did!  On Thursday I went to hang out with my friend at downtown disney and I came home to this.
Not only did the new renters want it, but they needed us to be out by Saturday!!! I panicked a little, but got straight to work.  Magno had to work all day Friday so that didn't help, but I had our friend Hector there with me all day luckily.  This is what it lookedl like by Friday night.  Poor kramer, his eyes say HELP ME!!!
On Saturday night at midnight, this is what it looked like.
we lucked out and the same people who wanted our apartment also wanted our couch, so we sold that & didnt have to move it, win win!! On sunday morning we woke up and magno took one last trip to the irvine apartment to drop off keys and stuff like that.  Then we dropped everyting & ignored the fact that the entire new apartment looked like a bomb went off and went to see the avengers with my parents and our moving helper hector:) It was SUCH a good movie.  Then, back to reality.  So today, Monday night, this is what our new room rooms like.  This is the same room I helped my sister paint yellow just a few weeks ago, not having any clue we would move in here! So now, I'm gunna try to live with the yellow walls but I already hate it so Im thinking i'll have to paint it haha.  Here it is now, totally cluttered, all of our stuff is just HERE, but not where it belongs! So thats where I'll be working on this whole week.

and heres the color i plan on painting the bedroom as soon as i get enough energy.

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Shannon Olson said...

I can't believe you moved! Now we are so close, we will have to all go out to dinner. The yellow room looks good with all of your stuff in there.