our story♥

our very first picture EVER!
Me & Magno met in 2004, his senior year of high school & my junior year.  My twin sister, Annie, introduced us.  Even though she probably won’t admit it today, she told me “omg you have to meet this guy Magno, hes so cute!” ;) When I met him, I agreed & after a few weeks of dating, he asked me out at Sbarro pizza.  His exact words were “lets just go for it”.  As I now know , that was SO typical Magno.  Shortly after we became bf&gf (haha), we went to his senior prom.  Annie and Hector went with us and little did we know that a mere 7 years later, those same people would be with us at our wedding!
prom May 2004

Kats HS graduation
magnos HS graduation
After both surviving High School, our relationship got a little more serious because we were in the real world! I was working two jobs, part time at pizza hut and full time babysitting, while magno worked at his dads car shop Maxum Sound.  I remember going there on my time off and watching him work, & thinking that someday he’d be a great husband…his work ethic & patience still prove that my initial thoughts were spot on.
the day we got kramer
Then  on October 18th 2007, our relationship got even more serious with the new addition to the family: KRAMER!! Magno was SUCH a good dog dad from the get go, that I knew, again, he’d be a great husband.

Kat cookin dinner in our very first apartment together
After 5 years of dating, we decided to move in together in our very first apartment.  Nobody really agreed with us since we were still only 21 and 22, but we just felt that it was the right time & went with it!  Magno did more than his fair share of supporting me, and we had a perfect little home together.

A year passed & we grew more stable so we moved into another apartment, which I’ll always remember as the BEST apartment;)  That’s because Magno proposed to me in that apartment!!! It was a Saturday morning & he was up cooking breakfast so I knew something MAJOR was going on.  He came into our room and gave me a cute little tray of food and Kramer followed in me.  Kramer ALWAYS follows food so I didn’t think to look at him…but when Magno finally told me to, I saw a ring hanging on his collar.  We had been talking non stop about marriage since basically graduation, so I wasn’t really surprised, but I definitely happier than I ever thought I could be.

8 months later, we were husband and wife.  
Now,  my life is perfectly complete with my husband, my dog, and my quaint little apartment.