Thursday, May 10, 2012

I did it! I bit the bullet & repainted the room I just painted a few weeks ago.  It wasn't that bad & it sure it a whole lot better!! So here is our new bedroom.  Its cramped because we had to fit a whole apartment into one room basically....almost all our stuff is in the garage stored away but we had to be able to fit our everyday stuff we need into a teeny tiny bedroom.  So far its working..i've always said, no matter how small your space is everything will fit if its organized!! We still have a few things to do, but its looking a lot better.

This is the wall to the left when you walk it.  We added another bar for clothes in the closet, and we took off the doors and added curtains. i like to be able to see all my stuff!  The bookcase is just more storage, and of course I have to see my wedding dress at all times!;)
 This is the wall directly to your right when you walk in...nothing exciting just the tv and the dresser.
This is just a close up of my desk, its directly in front of you when you walk in.
This is the wall on your far right when you walk in which has a view of the backyard..i wanna put a bird feeder or something near my window so i can see & hear birdies all day!:)
and finally, this is the very back wall, first thing u see when you walk in.
its home for now!:)

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