Thursday, May 17, 2012

heres a little bit of what weve been up to lately.

this is tomato, the crazy thumb cat who lives outside our new(and old!) place..shes so cute!
i made kramer a bow tie collar just because its so stinkin cute
we finally brought over the washer and dryer, immediately after, the washing machine broke & gushed water all over the kitchen.
i made another pinterest craft....egg carton flowers for our white string lights
i was graced with my husbands presence on a weekday, so so rare! he quit his current job & got a whole day off since he didnt start his new job till the following monday. 
so he finally got to meet sweet hazel girl!
for mothers day we got my mom a bird bath for the yard & we brought magnos mom over her favorite meal & movies.

kramer is adjusting to his new/old home:)
magnos been getting off around 4 everyday this week which for us is REALLY early plus the weather has been amazing so we went to the circle and had dinner together for the first time in months and months! we only stayed about 20 minutes so it was a short dinner date but still nice:)

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