Monday, May 21, 2012

why do such ridiculous things happen to me? Id like the start off with the story of our pictures.  A few months ago one of my all time favorite wedding photographers had a special on a photo shoot & since I couldn't afford her for our wedding, i figured this is my chance to get amazing pix so i signed us up for a little family photo shoot.  I spent ALL WEEK looking for the perfect outfits for us to wear, the perfect makeup...everything.  I made kramer a bow tie to wear even haha! So after spending hours getting ready on sunday we left the house at 3:45 to head over to the griffith observatory where the photo shoot was.  On the way there I heard on the radio there was gunna be a solar eclipse during out photo shoot time slot, i was like oh thats cool that will make for some really awsome pictures!  So we finally get there about 5:00, and we start to make our way up the hill to get to the actual observatory.  We waited in a HUGE line of cars but were still an hour and a half early so we just patiently waited.  Then we got to the greek theatre and saw a concert going on so we both though oh good, all these cars are going there and it will clear up afterwards.  oh how wrong we were.  The line of cars slowllllyyy climbed up the hill the entire way. it look an hour to drive about 1 mile.  apparently, every single person in LA was going to the observatory to see the eclipse.  So at 6:00 we get to the top where the observatory is and the parking lot was shut down so they told us to find street parking.  Well, we drove all the way down the hill before realizing we had already driven  almost 2 miles, and for us to walk uphill, 2 miles, in 30 minutes would be impossible.  I called the photographer but got no answer so i had a mini breakown since i was SO looking forward to these & spent so much time preparing! there was absolutely nothing we could do because there was NO parking.  So magno suggested he just drop me off and id have to take the pictures alone.  They were non refundable so it'd at least be better than nothing!  I agreed and and got out where the drop off zone was.  little did i know it was almost another mile uphill hike that id have to walk to get to the place i was supposed to meet her. so i finally get there, sweating with all my makeup running off and my hair un curling itself and i tried to find her in the THOUSANDS of people but couldnt.  i got NO reception there but she finally got a hold of me.  since i got no reception i barely heard her but i did here her say "im not there anymore".  Well, i just about threw myself off the top of that hill! After all that, she wasnt even there! I immediately started wakling back down the hill and hear what she was saying but couldnt.  I tried calling magno but got no service, so i just stood for a while, wondering why the heck i have such bad luck! I finally got a hold of magno and he came back up the hill to pick me up.  The photographer then texted me saying that she was at a park near the frwy now.  Why she didnt tell us this before spening 2 hours driving up to meet her is beyond me. but i figured as long as i get the family pix i wanted, its ok.  so we spent about another 45 minutes going down the hill again & finally got to the park.  the sun was gone already & we were both just frazzled & frustrated.  We were happy to finally be there, but when we got out of the car, the park was loaded with people playing soccer, sleeping, dogs, trash......i mean, its LA.....and i figured she'd walk us to the other side that was nicer, but nope.  right there in the middle of a soccer game, she started taking our pictures.  i was so confused so i just kept smiling.  This lady is EXTREMELY well known & expensive in the industry & i thought it would be nothing but amazing.  But she gave us no direction so we looked like idiots, and even though it was supposed to be a 30 minute shoot, only 15 minutes into it she said "ok so is there anyyhitng else you want a picture of?" im thinking, YOURE the photographer not me!! im not creative with this stuff, i dont know! so we just gave up and left.  the pictures will be ready in 2-3 weeks but im telling you now, theres no way any of them will be decent.  not even one.  We were SO glad to just be going home at that point that we just laughed it off.  im so irritated because i was SURE id have the absolute best family photos of all time but now they wont be....i know there are worse things in life but still, the whole thing was just ridiculous. So thats my rant, looks like i never will get my dream family photos!! 

Other than that our weekend started off pretty good cause we were able to have date night on friday. we went to down town disney for my favorite pizza & walking around.  i had wanted to go there to go to sephora to get a pretty lipstick for our gorgeous family photos....hahaha which u wont even see in the pix because it melted off my face on the hike up the hill! 

at legoland on our date night

this i took at the top of the hill when i had no service and stood there hating the whole day!
this i took on the way up the hill when magno got all crazy watching people cut in the line up the hill hahaah
and this was kramer before we left, he was excited but an hour into the 3 hour car ride he was over it. 

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Rachelle said...

I swear, your story could've been in a comedy movie. LOL! I'm dieing to see how the pictures turned out!!