Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You.

I've seen so many of my favorite blogs do this & im so guilty of LOVING to hear gossip, this is sorta gossip...its in the same category! & I'm always looking for new things to blog about besides my boring life, so here goes!

1. I worry CONSTANTLY.  about everything, especially things I cannot control.   It's bad.  And I havent always been that way, or at least not to this extent.  If im driving, I constantly am picking dogs running out in front of me and running them over, if im showering im thinking about falling and hitting my head, if im sleeping, im worried about the things i wont be able to control tomorrow.  im high strung to say the least.

2. im clingy.  but only with my husband.  im obsessed with being with him!  you can imagine how miserable i am now that he leaves for work at 8am and doesnt get home till 7:30 at night!  whenever he's home, i want all his free time for ME! im greedy that way.   Im secretly jealous of all the wives who have their husbands home with them at 4 pm...its like they still have a whole day with them after work! i miss magno, im a baby.

3. i dont want to be just a wife.  this probably surprises some people because im outwardly obsessed with being married & all that good stuff.  i LOVE being a homemaker(i guess thats what you call it!) but i also know that i need something else.  I'm glad i at least know what that something else is, i just have to get there. fascinated with expats.  from my understanding via two of my favorite blogs, an expat is either a person or a family who moves to a different country for a job..i could be wrong..but thats the jist of it i think.  especially the wives.  i cannot even begin to tell you how miserable id be having to move to another country with my husband the only one i know, but having him at work all day.  well, i guess i wasnt afraid to say that, its just something you didnt know:)

5. i want kids.  i say i dont, and i even think that i dont, but i know i do.  maybe like 2 of them, nothing too crazy.  not now and not soon, but we will have one eventually. sorry kramer.

and that concludes this post, which now that i wrote it, seems to be as boring as all the other posts!

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Rachelle said...

I just summed me up to a 'T'. We should meet!! LOL!