Thursday, May 3, 2012

on friday night i actually went was nothing short of a miracle!  Me & my sister went to visit our friend Hilarie's new apt in long beach.  It is the coolest apartment, built in 1920, spanish style, original hardwood dream apartment.  AND, her rent is $400 cheaper a month LESS than ours here in sterile irvine.  boo for us, yay for her..such a cool place!
afterwards we went to her favorite local bar where they have kareeoke.  We all did a trio of the fresh prince of bel air theme song. it was a hot mess, but we had fun.
On saturday we had to zombify ourselves for my cousins sweet sixteen birthday party, which was walking dead themed!  I chose to be a zombie kate middleton
My parents were " 70's sleep walkers", annie was Lori (we decided to put a bullet hole in her head since everyone wants lori to die on the next season of the show!) & megan was herself but a zombie haha, such a lovely family photo.
on sunday me and my boys went to my favorite park & walked the perimeter of it...such good exersize & pretty views, i love that park so much!
later on annie came over & we went to a new store in irvine called daiso. its an asian store & everything is $, the whole store is pink!! I got so much stuff, asian people really know how to do it right!
monday night we went over to annies so magno could connect her internet so while he was doing that, we went to cherry on good!
and because all i did on tuesday was work on my website, heres a picture of dinner.  so exciting, i know.

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