Monday, April 23, 2012

to say im a freak of nature is a bit an understatement.  every single day i have anxiety about earthquakes, and today we actually had one which of course ruined my whole day.  im STILL shaking, i can't even tell you how afraid of earthquakes I am and i HATE being on the 4th floor during one & all by myself. it was only a 3.9 but it was just a few miles away so it felt pretty strong. kramer just barked then went back to his favorite activity.
going back to a few weeks ago, the sweetest little girl in the whole world was born! Hazel June Donatelli.  Our friend Lacey had her & a few days later I went over to visit...she is the first baby I've ever held! For a few days there, she gave me some serious baby fever, but im back to my old self again.  I still want HER, just not a baby of my own haha.
hat same weekend i went to the old towne orange car show with my parents and my sister. we had breakfast in the circle beforehand & had a nice morning walking around seeing all the crazy cars
I haven't been able to spend too much time with Magno lately because he's been working his butt off with his only day off being Sunday...and at that point he's too tired to leave the house.  It sucks to say the least & I've been extra stressed lately.  It's been causing me to clench my teeth really bad all night long so by the time I wake up in the morning, my head is killing me along with my jaw, neck, back..everything.  I've had a lot of sick days lately & its SO discouraging and gives me even more stress!  I've had enough & have started looking into stress management & meditating...i've gotta do something about it because its only gunna get worse now that magno made the choice to switch jobs again!! The place he just started working at a few months ago is going well, but he kept getting offered a job by a competing company (his friend got the same offer a few months ago & accepted it) so after talking to his friend & seeing his success at that company, magno took the job.  He will start sometime in May & it will be difficult to get his pipeline going again which will cause his stress, which will cause me stress....but, it should be worth it.  He put a lot of though into his decision & thinks its the right, here we go again! I'm working on getting my website up & going too, that way I can start putting myself out there and getting more brides.  I have a wedding coming up in July that i'm excited about..the bride & groom just got their engagement pix done & they turned out amazing!

ihave big plans for my website so im exiting to get it going!:) this past weekend was a first where magno had Saturday off! We spent the morning at home then went to get some snowflakes & visit our friend gibson.  Afterwards we drove around irvine looking at some houses, our favorite thing to do haha, then we ran to the store real quick to get some things for fight night.  Fight nights always get sprung on me so i never have anything planned, i yell at magno everytime haha
the next day (after having NO sleep that night due to kramer being sick..must have picked up too many droppings from fight night food, poor guy!) i woke up and went to my sisters house so we could go to the LA book festival and meet one of our idols, bethenny frankel!  We watched her do a short interview then stood in line so she could sign our book.  Shes so awesome.  Magno makes fun of me for liking her, but i dont care-shes amazing!

so thats it for now...keep your fingers crossed for me that I can learn how to manage my stress & relieve my every day all day headaches!!

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