Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weekend fun

A few weeks ago I bought a groupon for local & organic fruit to be delivered to my door…it was awesome to cut out a shopping trip (I usually go every week for fruit and veggies, I only use frozen meat and everything else I usually already have on hand). all of this was only $15! and it was some of the best fruits and veggies I’ve ever had.
I had some yummyyyyy grapefruits with a few meals
and I made a healthy & delicious chicken salad for lunch…
Today im making homemade chicken noodle soup with the rest of my veggies.  I’ll be sad to see them go!  I will only order it once it goes on sale again..the regular price would have been $31 and that’s a little bit much in my opinion.
Friday night we went to our friends Kristen & Nicks housewarming party.  Their house is so cute & it was a really fun party where our friends bubba and scooter performed!  It was a fun night, we had to leave early cause magno had to work the next day, I played call of duty all night after that so alls well that ends wellWinking smile Thanks Shannon for taking pix because once again, I didn’t take any!!!!!
041march 2 007
march 2 009
Saturday morning I made some pizza dough & then me and my sister layed out at the pool and worked on our tans. they still need some work haha.  later in the day we made homemade pizza….saturdays our for eating in this family!
Sunday I hung out with my friend hilarie…we went to the beach and it was the most gorgeous day! We also had deliiicious italian sandwhiches & coffee mmmmm.
yesterday I went to ralphs & spilled my cup of coffee all over the checkout stand. that was fun.  so I rewarded myself with another cup of coffee & a pot of tulips (they were on clearance for $4!!) haha. I wont be going back to that store anytime soon!
and kramer got a bath…he was not happy..

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