Monday, March 5, 2012

dream house via pinterest

for months now I've been pinning pictures of my dream spaces for a home.  I put them all together for one dream house!  If only this existed:)

the laundry room would have gorgeous touches and of course a tv!
the dining room would have lots of natural light, a big table, and lots of comfy seating plus a vintage dresser for a buffet table.
the bathrooms would be clean & simple, not a fan of themed bathrooms..just clean colors & simple lines.
the porch! oh, i would die to have this! i LOVE being outside..and i love fireplaces..and i just love everything about this.  the dinner parties out here would be endless!
the bedroom i'd want light clean colors, calming & simple yet beautiful!
and finally the living room. I want lots of seating that faces towards eachother, not at the tv. lots of light, love the exposed wood beams, and a rustic lighting fixture. i love this space!
one things for sure..i've been dreaming of buying a home for so long that once the time comes, i'll have EVERYTHING ready down to what faucets i want to buy!!

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Shannon Olson said...

wow, this would be a great house! I would love the same thing =)