Monday, March 12, 2012

flea market fun

Yesterday we finally made it to the Pasadena Flea Market.  I've been wanting to go forever & I'm glad we finally did. Magno dreaded it the whole week but at the end of the day he actually wanted to go again!  SUCCESS! it was a lot of walking and a long day but we both still really enjoyed it.   I ended up coming home with some amazing gold utensils & an awesome book cover from mexico that im in love with . I also got 2 succelent plants and magno got a puma jacket.  We only spent $24 total so the prices were pretty good.
maybe one reason why magno loved it was because we saw his dream woman, natalie portman there! She walked right past me and i said out loud"omg that looks like natalie portman" and i told magno to go see because i swore it was her but he kept denying it.  sure enough, the closer he got to her the more she looked REAL lol.  then his give away was when he saw her husband and baby next to her.  He didnt even get a picture with her and hes been in love with her for YEARS!!! but he said he didnt want to draw a crowd and ruin her day so he just drooled and kept walking.  we also saw kat von d but who cares about her hahah.

after the flea market we explored old town pasadena.  Started with lunch at a yummy cafe & then had dessert & explored the town.

we cant wait to go back next month!

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