Monday, March 19, 2012

birthdays & showers

This week I worked an event for google. pretty random, i know.  My fellow wedding planning friend is interning at an event production company and called me asking if i'd be interested in helping for the day.  Well, i love google so i said yes!  Plus, it was really close to our apartment (at UCI) so besides having to wake up at 6am, it wasn't that bad...i made sure to fill up on the google coffee thats for sure!
after that random day of work, it was back to business as usual.  I met my july bride at her wedding venue in pamona....its a pretty cool place & im excited for their cuban themed wedding!
This weekend was St. Pattys Day.  We never do anything for that cuz i just dont care!  Instead, I went to my friend Laceys baby shower!  Shes due in April & her bump is just the sweetest thing.  Cant wait to see how cute her baby is gunna be because its a fact that she only makes cute babies!

lacey opening all her cute girly gifts
 megan, lacey, and me
 kathy telling the baby to turn haha:)
 shannon, lacey, and kristen
 all the cousins plus me and megan hahaha.
 the only time lacey will ever have a gut!
after the shower we must have wanted to have bumps like lacey because we went to my parents house and ate non stop.  my mom made prime rib, mashies, bread, and corn then we made a whole mess of dessert & devoured all of it. 
Sunday was my dads 60th birthday!  We started the day off by having breakfast at the original pancake house in anaheim.  the food was AMAZING & lunch was not necessary that day.  For dinner we went tot belmont shores and picked up his favorite pizza.  we had some family over & were all glued to the tv for the walking dead finale.  Then it was cake and presents as usual...cant believe my dads 60!! sounds so much older than 59!!
now im off to go drink more coffee & hope this headache goes away! 

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Lacey said...

oh yay thanks for all the shower pics I can steal! All that dessert you girls made looks SOO good.