Monday, April 9, 2012

its been a while..

heres what we've been up to lately!

last week my sister was on spring break so i went over & helped her start the redo on her spare bedroom. i forgot to take a before picture but the walls were tan...heres the "during"
and heres what it looked like at the end of the day

the next project was the kitchen.  living in old town orange everything is vintage, in her case it wasnt cute vintage it was 70's vintage.  So part of our kitchen redo was tearing up the hideous 70's contact paper and replacing it with cute contact paper.  i forgot to take a before also=/
we also moved her microwave & re arranged a few things.  Still lots to do in there but when we started the kitchen makeover (when me and my hubby lived there last year) it looked like this
so now that it looks like this, its a lot better but far from a dream kitchen!
i also made some heart art from some paint chips i stole grabbed from home depot when we were there getting some stuff.

one day when we have a place big enough for an office/craft room for me, thats where they'll be:)

 i also started going to the gym last month! it was random and unexpected but now i go at least 4 times a week and i actually love it!  it even inspired me to make a yummy healthy meal (cilantro chili burgers with pico de gallo rice on a bed of spinach) which is now my new favorite meal, it was SO good!
and to end my sisters spring break we took a sisters trip to san diego where we enjoyed an awesome hotel room and beautiful 80 degree weather!

after a long way home due to tons of traffic, we got to my parents house for easter.  my mom made us adorable easter baskets and i contributed the deviled eggs.  i spent all day friday dying and peeling them before we went to san was definitely a labor of love but they turned out good!

now excuse me while i go clean the crap out of our apartment! i left my husband, his friend, and his brother here alone all weekend so im gunna sanitize every single surface & light all my candles & forget the whole thing ever happened.

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