Tuesday, February 7, 2012

one week till valentines day!

this blog wont be too interesting so consider this your warning!  We have't been up to much lately.  Except magno finally started his new career! after months of waiting to take the mortgage tests & studying, then finally passing but having to wait for background checks to clear....he finally started last week.  He really loves it so far & he loves being able to work with one of his best friends, cam.  He especially loves his commute to work.
I've just been working too, still writing blogs for the bridal district but i'm also planning 2 weddings too.  One is through the bridal district & one is a referral from a friend.  Either way, i love it.  I just met with one bride today & we really clicked so it will be really fun working with her.  The other bride i'm meeting this weekend. I'm still trying to get my own business stuff set up, its going slowly but surely.   I need a website(not just a blog), business cards, register my business name, yada yada yada.  Im also realizing how much i want/need a home office!  Meeting with brides at starbucks is annoying & impersonal.  So when we start seriously searching for houses (hopefully this year if all goes as planned) I will be looking for someplace that will accommodate that.  I was able to squeeze in a webinar a few weeks ago..i love staying up to date on wedding industry stuff & try to do as many of them as i can.  This one was free too so i  made sure not to miss it!

We've had a few days of non working too- i got to meet my friend marylou for lunch for a very belated bday since i was dealthy sick on the actual day.  It was also magnos friend cam's baby shower...his wife is being induced on february 9th and I kept telling her that I hope its the 10th(my bday) and she thinks it will be since her last labor was so long.  we'll see:) We hosted fight night as usual on saturday & i made some yummmyyy BBQ chicken sliders.

It was also our friends chris & michelle's son's 1st birthday on super bowl sunday...he's so cute & michelle threw such a great party.  We also went to my parents house to watch the game & stuff our faces afterwards. thats always fun.

other than that we haven't been doing too much....been preparing for vday & planning what i'll cook...i ALWAYS cook on vday..magno always wants to take me out but i refuse to pay double the price & i honestly love staying home just as much.  after meeting my bride today i had to order coffee, not only because i was starting to get sleepy but because they now serve it in these cute cups & i HAVE to have everything with a heart on it;)
and heres just a picture of kramer being cute as always:)

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