Friday, January 27, 2012

our week so far

i finally feel human again.  after months and months of not getting my hair cut or colored, or even getting my eyebrows waxed...i finally did both on Tuesday!  i never do beauty things like that because I'm just too cheap.  But i found a GREAT deal at ULTA salon, its only $50 for a cut, color, and style on Mondays-Wednesdays. It's the second time I've gone and I was just as happy with the result.  I totally recommend it!
i also made yet another meatless meal & I have to say, me and magno aren't missing the  meat at all!  Probably because we still have it a couple days a week, but its a lot less now & i love it.
by the way, that rice was the best rice ever.  my mom told me she browned her rice in EVOO before boiling it and it turned out i tried it and will never cook rice any differently from now on.  It was SO good, tasted just like a Mexican restaurants rice.

Since Magno is just training a few hours a day at his new job right now(he should be officially starting next week, now that his background check is clear) but for now I like the time off cause I can do stuff on weekdays i don't normally get to do!  I met with my friend for lunch on Wednesday & it was SO nice outside that I decided to go to fashion island and walk around.  I of course had to do a little damage in F21.
after that I came home and made me and magno some spinach smoothies (i forced him to try it and he actually liked it....i will need to make those at least 3 times a week now!) & we played some call of duty:) Then we got ready & headed over to my moms house to have dinner with my aunt who just arrived from Washington.  She came with donuts from FROST, an amazing donut place in Seattle.  She got me the wedding cake donut of course!
and heres my moms dog fluffy being sweet as usual
Thursday was an 80 degree day so i felt like it'd be a crime if i didn't spend most of it outside.  I took my computer down to the pool & worked from there, happy as a clam:)
then me, magno, and Kramer had a picnic lunch of in and out at our favorite park.  Kramer got tons of much needed exercise.
and we came home to a beautiful pink sunset to end the day:)
today I woke up & made one of my favorite things EVER....a bacon, pepper jack, apple, and avocado grilled cheese.  SO DELICIOUS!
then i had to run some errands.  While picking up some gifts for the baby shower we are going to this weekend I spotted these shoes at target and couldn't resist getting them.  I saw them at nordstroms before Christmas but they were $100!  I would never spend that much on shoes.  I'm glad I didn't because I found the exact same shoes(just not steve madden) for $19.99!!
I also picked up some movies & candy for a little date night at home.

& I have this in the crock pot cooking away right now so im pretty excited for dinner tonight! so far its been a good week:)

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