Monday, January 23, 2012

Food, Food, & More Food.

heres some pix of what i've been cookin lately.  In order to fulfull one of my new years resolutions which was to fix my skin from whatever crazy hormones have been attacking it lately, i made a smoothie with lots of spinach which is supposed to be really good for your skin.  it was tasty too!

Hot Chocolate on a cold night is the best!

Garlic butter salmon with veggies & bread

Panko crusted chicken with veggies and bread

A yummy brunch

And a yummy & meatless (another new years resolution) tostada

Some not-so-meatless carne asada fries

And another meatless meal, caprese salad & garlic breadcrumb linguine

In between all that eating, we had to take a quick trip to LA to drop off some paper work at the mortgage office headquarters.  We made a nice day out of it & even stopped in LB on our way home.

I also played around with my wedding blog.  I wasn't diggin the previous name or design so i spent literally one full day designing the new look & i finally love it!  I stuck with my name because its easy & self explanatory.  Once i feel TOTALLY confident in the blog (i still have a LOT to do to it) then i'll start marketing it & posting more.  (I ended up choosing the bottom right can see it in action HERE)

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Anonymous said...

o0o0o all those dishes look so good! I love your coffee mugs too! :)