Wednesday, February 15, 2012

25 & valentines

my favorite time of year is over=(the few days in between my birthday & valentines day is so much fun! but first things first, magnos friend cam had his 2nd baby on the 9th! She was due on Vday but couldn't wait till then, her name is Gia Monroe & I'll be spending today making them a lasagna...I figure the gift of dinner is the best when you have 2 kids!
This year I turned 25 & couldn't have been lazier about it.  Magno was working all day but snuck home on his lunch break with a chocolate dog, a sweet card, and a balloon:)
This year I made no plans, didn't buy a cute outfit...nothing!  We ended up going to my parents house & eating chinese food which was all the celebration I needed! We ate cake & opened gifts, its was a fun night.  And I got the bowls I had been DYING for!!!! I love them oh so much.  I also got wholefoods gift cards since i love that store but would NEVER shop there without gift cards..its so pricey!

On Saturday I woke up early & had to run out to the store for eggs...Magno was having his friend over for breakfast before they went to see the star wars movie!  They are so funny, they are both SO political but magno is a democrat & chris is a republican, yet they are the best of friends!! so they enjoyed coffee and egg sandwhiches over political discussions which was hilarious to listen to. 
 they headed out to go see their movie since they are both the biggest star wars fans EVER, and they met our friends scooter and zelda at the theatre.  Magno met his idol, darth maul.
and I stayed home and had a cleaning party. that microwave had seen one too many fight nights without being cleaned.
when magno got home we headed over to my parents house so he could change my oil in my car.  After that we headed over to our friends Shannon & Grant's new apartment!  It's actually our old apartment in orange, and it was so cool going back and seeing what they did with the place.  Shannon did a great job of decorating, it was so homey & cute!  She was also a perfect hostess!  We had some drinks and snacks at their place & then walked to Rubys for dinner.  We really needed that fun night out!

Shannon also gave us the drawing of us that she did a while back, and we are SO obsessed with it!  I had seen a picture of it, but in person its even better if thats possible! I rushed out this weekend to get a frame for it & hung it is amazing!

On Sunday I went to Annies house to meet up with her before we went to a skin care party at her boyfriends sisters house.  Im trying ANYTHING on my quest for better skin so I was excited to hear about it and try the product.  I've only been using it for 2 days now but the results of her, her husband, and her friends are so amazing that im reallly excited to see my results! Her boyfriends mom was also there who sweetly made me and annie a bday cake and brought it out singing happy bday to us, and it was red velvet cake-double score! After that I had to rush over to Corona to meet with my bride Anna.  Shes getting married in Malibu this November & we went over all the details.  Her and her fiance are both cops in San bernadino county & are both super nice, can't wait for their wedding! After the meeting I headed home with a massive headache and was greeted by magno and a hot plate of chinese food & cold pepsi:) my favorite.  We got snuggled on the couch just in time for the walking dead, our favorite show! Its been off for about 2 months and finally came back on...we were in heaven! On Monday I spent the day running around getting ready for vday!  I went to whole foods & spent my bday gift cards on the weeks groceries plus a little splurge on our favorite wine.
i also gave myself a vday manicure & went to Krispy Kreme for these adorabe donuts for a vday breakfast.  And i couldn't resist one last cute heart cup of starbucks before they go back to their normal not cute ones=/

This valentines day I was organized enough to get valentines cards out on time! I bought these last year but just hadn't had time to mail them since we were busy moving & had just gotten married 2 months ago:)
Magno came home for lunch on Valentines day so I made him heart shaped cream cheese and strawberry sandwhiches
for dinner I made homemade ravioli in the shape of a heart, of course!
I pulled out my desk from the wall & made it into a dinner table, complete with flowers, candles, and vday decor:)

after walking kramer we came home & had dessert in our pjs & watched tv on the couch:) it was the perfect vday for us lazy old folks.
now, i need to go take down all my valentines decorations & cry.

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Shannon Olson said...

The drawing looks great framed! Thank you for putting me on your bridal district blog, that is awesome! It was so fun having you both over, we will have to do it again soon.