Thursday, January 5, 2012

better late than never!  heres a few things we did for christmas this year

christmas cookie day-one cold day in december we went to my parents house to bake cookies, set up their tree, and hang out.  we make the same spitz cookies every year, its one of my favorite traditions and always reminds me of christmas at home:)

my moms birthday-my moms bday is december 20th & we always get together for that. this year we went out to slaters 50/50 and all stuffed ourselves silly with their amazing food, then came home for cake & presents.

christmas eve was also spent at my parents house...we had family over & had lots of yummy food as usual

oh and we also went to toy story on ice with magno, his mom, and his brother.  it was FREEZING inside there but it was a fun night:) 

and finally heres christmas day.  we spent the whole day at my moms house & magnos mom came over there to visit...we ate and ate and ate and in between eating we opened some gifts.  later in the night we finally came home & hector came over for our annual mexican christmas which is drinks & snacks while watching movies;) im so sad christmas is over but im SO ready for valentines day!

i've been sick since the very start of 2012-literally....we went to my moms house that day & i made bacon wrapped jalepenos without wearing gloves...later that night one finger started to burn then i got woken up at about 1am with my whole entire hand on FIRE and i was absolutely miserable until 6am until i finally fell asleep with my hands in a bowl of milk..then kramer woke me up at 7am to go pee, so thats about all the sleep i got that day, and then my cold/flu kicked up big time and i've been sick ever since.  hopefully this doesnt set the tone for 2012!!

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