Thursday, November 3, 2011

as if im not crazy enough

Like I mentioned in the last post, i recently started couponing.  It all started when I noticed that we kept getting the sunday paper for free. we never ordered it, we never payed for it, but it arrives every sunday.  I used to just throw it away but then one day I thought "hmm maybe this is where all those freaky coupon people get their hoarder stack of coupons".  So I looked through it and found a coupon mecca. That still wasnt enough to get me into it.  So, one day extreme couponing came on TV and I had nothing else to do so I watched it. And then i got it! Seriously, why have I been paying for stuff that I dont have to pay for?!??! I started doing some research online & found this website, which has been the one and only website I need for couponing. its amazingly thorough, organized, and resourceful.
This website is your one stop shop.  It shows you where to get coupons, how to match them with sales to get even more savings, it has free printables so you can organize your coupon has everything! So once I started clipping coupons, I realized the binder was gunna be necessary because there were so many of them.  So I printed out the pages and made my very own binder of crazy.

The front is just labeled, for prettiness basically.
The first page is the table of contents.  It has 36 categories of coupons making it super easy to just turn to what page you need. I also keep envelopes in there to put the coupons i'll be using on a certain trip in.  Also, scissors to clip with and a pen to make a list on the envelope with the coupons inside.
And for the pages, I got baseball cards from ebay to oraganize each category.
I havent gotten a big enough collection of coupons yet to benefit at the grocery store, but I've gotten lots of good deals at target.  You can combine 1 target coupon and 1 coupon from the paper.  So knowing that, I've gotten this which is usually about $3 for $0.49.
I've also gotten free NYC nailpolish!  I had a coupon for $1 off and it only costs $0.94 at target so it was totally free! I printed out a few coupons since its good for a while, so now everytime I go to target I get another one haha!

I've also gotta toothpaste for $0.49, nyquil for $2, and lots of other goodies.  The key to couponing is to not buy stuff just cause you have a coupon! You have to wait until the stuff goes on sale, then pair it with coupons.  And only by stuff you use.  Its only wasting money if you buy milk cause you have coupons but you are lactose intolerant haha!  I am by NO means a crazy couponer now because I dont get 20 newspapers like they do, just my one free one.  But in the last 2 target trips I've taken, I've already saved $21.  Thats a week of gas for me, so why the heck not?!?

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Shannon Olson said...

You are totally cracking me up with the coupon thing hahhaha!
Its a great idea, I have seen on tv where a lady gets a whole kart of stuff for FREE!