Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I have to admit, after having one HORRENDOUS nightmare this weekend probably from all the scary shows and movies i've been watching lately, im glad halloween is over!:)

On Friday night we carved our pumpkins.  We do it every year & Magno always complains.  But this year it hit him to not carve the pumpkin but to use a power tool on it!  Now, he loves "carving pumpkins".
On Saturday I got a few things i've been waiting for in the mail.  My new iphone & OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!!!
 i LOVE my iphone 4s because its all white therefore it looks like a wedding;) it has an 8 megapixel camera cause we all know how bad I am at using my actual camera & I always end up with iphone pictures, and last, SIRI!  Siri is amazing & it completely eliminates the need to use your hands on the phone when driving, & thats always helpful.
and of course, our LONG awaited wedding video!!! this week would have been 11 months we were waiting, so he barely made it!  We had signed a contract for 120 afters the wedding, and it was obviously a lot longer than that, so Im pretty livid that we spent so much money on this "fabulous videographer" but theres nothing i can do now.  Heres the highlight montage video. We also have a 25 minute one with the ceremony on it and a reception one, plu all the toasts & our first dance.

On Sunday my sister came over so we could make sugar skull cookies to decorate on halloween.  It took FOREVER since we made the dough & the frosting from scratch....kramer watched the whole time...
I also spent a few hours that night with my new beloved obsession - couponing.  I'll have to do another post about that, cause holy cow, im O B S E S S E D!

On Halloween, Magno stayed home & studied alllllllll day for his California State Mortgage Exam.  He passed, of course! I knew he would cuz he's been studying for at least a few hours every single day!  He still has to take the really big one, the national, but he passed the CA test with 88 % So I think he'll do just fine.  he was SO excited that he passed.  Im so proud of him..i've heard how hard those tests are & he made it seem pretty simple.  LOVE HIM! after he got back from his test we went to my moms house to decorate the sugar skull cookies.  they didn't come out as cute as I expected but they weren't bad.
So that was our weekend! Now I'm off to Target to piss off the register people by using a million coupons & hopefully stock up on cheap clearance halloween candy!

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