Monday, November 7, 2011

i absolutely LOVE this time of year! It's so exciting knowing that the holidays are coming, and i dont care what anybody says, christmas decorating begins THIS MONTH!!! :) If they sold christmas trees already, i'd prbably already have one up.

On friday it finally decided to rain, and theres nothing i love more than a rainy day.  Magno stayed home the whole week last week to study for his mortgage test so it was really nice having him home.  I was really sick on friday morning so im REALLY glad he was home because it was one of those days where i was shaking in pain from cramps & almost blacked out from to have him here was the BEST.  Luckily I started to feel better towards the afternoon so I thought it'd be the perfect day to make this soup I found on Pinterest.  It took a long time to make & it wasn't super good, so i probably wont be making it again. but i wont have to, cause we had a huuuge pot leftover so i froze it and it'll make dinner the next few rainy days we have.
On Saturday we had a really really lazy day.  I don't think we did anything even!  But, that IS our absolute favorite thing to do:)  Well I shouldn't say we didn't do anything...cause we did do one awesome thing - we made a fort in the living room to watch the UFC fight:) It was just us this fight night so we decided to make a fort because, well we both LOVE forts haha!
Sunday was another rainy day but I jumped out of bed around 7am, excited to get my coupons at the front door! hahaha.  I drank my coffee and clipped my coupons in bed while magno enjoyed his extra hour of sleep from daylight savings.  It felt like it was already noon but when i looked at my phone it was only 9am so I decided to bake this recipe, also from my pinterest.  It turned out really good.  I didnt use the frosting recipe miss martha used...i used this one.  and i think it was amazing!
then we got ready and headed over to magnos moms house.  Shes leaving to mexico for 2 weeks this wednesday so we wanted to spend some time with her.  We watched captain america & ate junk food....all 4 of us in sams bed=)

Today i finally got my hair done! cut & colored.  it turned out really well which is rare! I went to the Ulta Salon right by our apartment.  They have a special thats $50 for cut, color, and style every monday and wednesday so it turned out well and it was a really good deal! And the lady also gave me a ton of free samples, which you know i looove.
 Magno went to best buy with his friend to camp out for a new video game but they got sent home and said they can't form a line till 10pm, so they are here playing video games until they go back later tonight. He's so funny.  He already got the game that they are waiting for too, but he wants to go and by one for his friend whos had a rough month.  He's a great husband AND friend! =P He's taking this whole week off too because he's spending tuesday and wednesday at a study group..then thursday will be one last cram session, then friday will be the test.  I'm so glad he has a job that is flexible with his study schedule.  I have a feeling once he passes his test and gets a job in the mortgage industry, he will be a workaholic so I'm just soaking up all the time with him that I can:)

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