Monday, August 15, 2011

NFL wedding this week, NBA wedding next:)

Everyone at Petals by Xavi has been looking forward to the wedding of Morgan Bruns & Brian Roche!  It finally happened this weekend & it was everything we worked hard for! This wedding was complete with
  • gelato station
  • sushi station
  • taco station
  • steel drum player
  • candy bar
  • 3 ice sculptures 
  • full bar the whole entire time
  • a skateboarding DJ
  • the groom singing to his new bride
  • REALLY drunk southern belles
  • even drunker football players!
it was awesome. a very long day for us workers (9am-10pm) but as always, the day flew by and even though we were working, we had a blast! heres some of my iphone photos:)

This weekend coming up is another wedding at this location, the monaco mansion, and its an NBA players wedding. Another long Saturday is comin' my way!

We also spent this weekend car shopping for magno. we drove for an hour to look at a car he wanted, and we got there only to have the guy tell us it was salvaged..even though we asked him on the phone if it was and he said no! so we basically wasted that hour but we ended up at in and out with hector for lunch & found a BMW magno REALLY liked.  so we headed over to signal hill to test drive it.  it was SO nice. it was a really good deal. and it was REALLY fast! ( i know this because magno gunned it with the poor salesman in the front seat holding on for deal life hahahah!) But after we went into the office to talk about price, they just wouldnt come down to what magno wanted to pay for it every month, so we left without it=( Im glad hes putting his foot down and refusing to pay what they want though because we are all about living WELL below our means.  and having a $500 car payment is just stupid. even for a bmw.  so the car hunt continues!

before i go, heres the professional pix from a wedding i did back in april at Hotel Maya! I talked about it here, but these pictures are a lot better than mine!

click to see the gallery!

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