Tuesday, August 9, 2011

after a few weeks of being off work, this weekend was back to normal with weddings weddings weddings!

saturday i worked a quick little wedding in coto de caza area. it was sweet and simple & very summery. i had just about the worlds worst migraine from the moment i woke up that day, so it was miraculous that i was any help that day haha. but as always the bride was pleased & everything turned out great.

after that wedding i went home for our first fight night at the new place.  we had some friends over & the typical food & drinks. now that we had our first house full of people it feels more like home:) chris & michelle brough their baby raegan & i forced magno to hold him since he was scared to death of the baby! haha.  it turned out to be really freakin cute!

it was a late night that resulted sam sleeping on the couch, but i had fun..even with a migraine!
Sunday morning magnos mom came over for the first time & we had breakfast together. it had to be quick because i was off to another wedding.  this one was at the gorgeous huntington hyatt hotel.  It was my bosses best friends sisters wedding haha;) it was SO cuban, SO pretty, SO fun, and SO worth the long day! I really loved this wedding especially since my boss was a guest at the wedding letting me get more hands on with the coordination.  we also got a batch of new interns last week and this was their first wedding, so it was fun to teach them the behind the scenes work.  they also happen to be really young, funm and energetic girls so we worked hard and played harder!

heres some of my iphone pictures from the wedding & i'll also attach the link to the professional images since they are gorgeous:)


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