Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wedding wall

I finally got my photo canvas prints in the mail! Long story short, they aren't what i wanted but had to compromise.  I won't be using that company again.  So, seeing as how it wasnt one big wedding portrait like i wanted, i had to get creative.  I decided to dedicate the big empty space over our couch to our wedding..no surprise there.  hence, the wedding wall!  I figured this way all my wedding obsession can be in one place and my wedding photos wont fill every single frame in the apartment.   just the few on the wall.  and i decided to mix in my two smaller canvas prints to add dimension to the boring white wall that we refuse to paint because we don't want to be here longer than a year:) Heres that big empty space i'm talking about..
but before i went poking a million holes in the wall, i made a little layout for myself to see if i liked what i saw.

I did, so we started hanging! Its not finished yet because I can't decided if i want the big oval frame to stay black or if I want to paint it.  I also need to find a way to frame my grandmas hanky that i used on the wedding day, and our wedding invite, together in the one lower right hand corner frame. im thinking ill use the hanky as a sort of matting for the invitation.  I also need to get our vows printed and put them in the two little frames in the lower left hand corner.  But other than that, its exactly what i wanted:)

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