Monday, August 22, 2011

to make a long story short, ive been lucky enough to have my husband around since Wednesday when some drama unfolded at his office.  He hasn't been back to work yet, and ive loved having some time with him that i never get! once the work drama is solved (or not!) i will explain more but we are just in a time of transition & we don't have all the details. SO, like i said, i get my husband home during the week! im kinda lovin it:)

On thursday I had to go to corona to meet a future bride and groom at their wedding venue and give them a walk was the same venue we were working at on saturday so right after that couple left, another couple & their wedding party showed up for their wedding rehearsal.  After that they invited us to the rehearsal dinner so me and my boss xavi went to that & got to work out some details for the wedding during dinner.  Finally around 11pm i got home and magno had recorded jersey shore for me<3

friday i had lots of work i coulda been doing, but i took it off to be with magno.  he was pretty bummed to not be working & also to have his career in jeopardy, so i wanted to be with him & distract him! We went to laguna beach & then to the top of the work park. it was a beautiful day outside so we just enjoyed it together!

Saturday was long. really really long.  I got to work at 9am & didnt get home till 3:30am. It was a long but very rewarding day.  Rewarding because i got to coordinate the whole wedding.  I worked my butt off making sure the whole thing happened on time, that the vendors were all on the same page, that the bridal party was happy & on was SO MUCH WORK because the wedding was at a I was running around the HUGE house the whole day.  I was SO NERVOUS because this wasnt a small wedding what so ever.  it was 250 guests and a whole lotta vendors to keep track of.  But the ceremony went perfectly...i was really proud of myself.  it wasnt an easy coordination because the bride and her bridesmaids were really young, catty girls, and they hated me for no other reason besides the fact that I was directing them.  but guess what, thats my job! I was directing them so that their best friend could have the wedding of her dreams.  but they didnt undertstand that, or care to understand that, so i had to deal with catty comments all night, the girls rolling their eyes at me and not listening to me, and just a bunch of spoiled brat high school drama! Luckily, once the reception started the bride must have seen how hard i was working for her, and she warmed up to me and dare i say it seemed like she even LIKED ME! The night was going great but it turned crappy real quick when the grooms mom fell down outside and had to be taken to the hospital.  I came outside just in time to see the groom(such a nice guy) carrying his mom to the car. my heart completely broke and there was nothing i could do. it was AWFUL.  Things like that you just can't prepare for.  Then, the brides mom came to me and said that things had been stolen out of the bridesmaids purses. I went up stairs to the bridal suite to look around & thats when all the bridesmaids came up, totally drunk and hysterical.  one even accused me of stealing the stuff!! as the coordinator, i HAD to deal with it. I explained to them that all the precautions were taken to avoid this...we hired security, we put a table in front of the stairs to avoid people going up there, and we put the kids to sleep in that room so that nobody would go up there and disturb them. Then the father of the bride came up and was just SO disappointed that it had happened. i appologized non stop for it even though it wasnt my fault.  After talking to my coworkers they said that the drunk bridesmaids were taking their friends up there allllll night long to use the bathroom, and thats most likely how it happened. at the end of the day, i cant control the character of the people they invited to their wedding.  Its a shame that a guest would have done that, but thats what happens when you invite way too many people and provide free alcohol to them for the entire night. People were passed out drunk, other people were having flower fights with the centerpieces throwing them at eachother...just so many drunk people! Things like that are out of my control though.  I made the wedding start on time, i made all the wedding activities (grand entrance, cake cutting, garter throw, first dance, etc.) run smoothly...but i just cant do EVERYTHING!  being my first official coordination, with THAT many guests, im VERY happy with the results=)

sunday was spent in bed, throwing up, sick as a dog...i hadnt sat down or eaten anything in that whole 18 hour work it really took its toll on me sunday.  im still feeling it today and havent left bed yet. coordinating is not as glamorous as it seems, its totally and utterly exhausting physically and mentally.

hopefully we will know more about magnos job by tonight....i hate change but we will adapt if necessary!

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