Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For a while I've been looking for a lantern.  I saw one on the nate burkus show once & i decided i MUST have as intricate as possible because my main reason for wanting one was so i could have pretty illuminations on the wall.  Nothing was ever the right size though, or the right pattern, or the right color.  Well yesterday at good old homegoods, i found one that has the size and the pattern, but not the color.  So i scooted over to lowes and got some spray paint so i could make it the right color, duh.
it only took a few minutes to cover since its small enough.  Once it dried overnight I decided that i wanted to hang it, but that hanging it with a candle in it might be stupid since wax would drip all over.   thats when my husband came to the rescue..he quickly jumped in with "well what about all those wedding candles you have under the bed?" So i ran to get one to see if it'd fit & it fit PERFECTLY! and since its contained in glass i dont have to worry about wax leaking out of anywhere.
the best part is, i got to re use one of my wedding candles! i've kept them in hopes that i can reuse them & even if its just one out of 40 candles, it now jusitifies me keeping all 40 of them forever:) because if you haven't realized yet im wedding obsessed  & having trouble parting with anything from our big day. 

it hasn't found its final resting place yet, but i LOVE the illuminations it projects on the wall. i can just picture this hanging over the bathtub in my pitch black bathroom while i take a bath:) heaven!

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