Wednesday, May 4, 2011

working weddings...its my thing.

hello world:) (aka the 3-5 people that actually read this blog!)

Been busy working lately & not too much else! Saturday was a crazy long day for me..11am to 2:30 am actually. It was worth it though because we created a beautiful wedding for a fun bride! It was at Hotel Maya, where me and magno stayed before & after our wedding, and it brought back so many memories! And, the brides colors were red, black, and white, and her dog (that was in the ceremony) looked like kramer! The couple had a fun theme, they all wore white and black ray bans, red toms...totally cute and modern. The reception portion was a lounge theme complete with funky furniture rentals. For this wedding, our company did coordination AND florals, hence the long day. I set up the candy buffet, helped with the reception layout, set up of all the flowers, & i a million other things i feel like! it was absolutely exhausting! people dont realize how labor intensive wedding planning is!

The next day (actually only a few hours after i got home from the wedding) was back to long beach for a bridal show at the historic sky room! I LOVE that old building, its so awesome! I was dead tired but REALLY glad to see that our booth was next to Hansen Cakes, the best cake in the WORLD (khloe kardashian, hugh heffner, and tori spelling all say so!) Next to that booth, was once again, our wedding officiant:) That 6 hours felt like 12 because I was so tired! But when I came home Magnos mom came and picked me up (in her brand new car that her and magno went to get that day) and we picked up a movie and in & out...the rest of the night was spent relaxing....i worked 30 hours friday-sunday & im STILL not caught up on my sleep!

the last thing I'll blog about tonight is my wedding album! I ordered one from & it finally came!  I think it turned out awesome.  I now love mypublisher more than my beloved shutterfly.  The album has all my favorite pictures from each portion of our wedding & in order of when they happened...its so pretty=)

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Rachelle said...

I love the floral work and your wedding book! How gorgeous!