Thursday, May 5, 2011

buying blues

as we sit here HOPEFULLY only a few months away from being able to purchase a house, we find ourselves not even knowing WHAT to buy, WHERE to buy, or WHEN to buy!

As for what to buy, we are really torn.  I am wanting to buy a normal southern CA house, 3 bedroom 2 bath, semi big backyard..not too big but not too small.  I want to fixer upper so that it can be exactly how I want it.  Plus, its cheaper to do that buying a turn-key house.  Magno, no the other hand, wants to buy a condo, fix it up, then rent it out.  He wants to keep doing that until we basically get all our bills paid just buy our rental properties.  I totally get it, and it does sound appealing, because i'll get to constantly fix up houses! However, I see that getting real old real quick, and i HATE moving....I want to just settle down and continue working on our dream house.  We've been talking a lot about it lately & magno sees where im coming from & i see where magnos coming from.  So in the end, i think i'll just leave it up to magno.  I know no matter what that he always has my best interest in mind & he has never steered us in the wrong direction thus far.  Im really glad that hes worked in the industry & knows how things work.  And im REALLY glad he previously worked as a handyman so we can do all future home repairs for cheap!! we are beyond ready to buy...we are beyond sick of renting.

Magnos immigration status doesnt really help us in our quest for home ownership either.  Even after he gets his papers, he has basically no credit to show a bank.  I have good credit, but no job! Even after I start being a paid worker at Petals by Xavi, its not a w2 job-and neither is Magno's.....which will make it basically impossible to prove our income to a bank..which will make it nearly impossible to get a loan.  So, our master plan is to get the biggest down payment we can so that we can finance the least amount possible.  We know a lot of people in the mortgage industry that can potentially help when the time comes.  Even though its still months away, im constantly looking for houses online. 

Magno wants to buy by the beach.  I don't know much, but i know i CANT live by the beach.  Number 1 reason is my ridiculous tsunami fear.  number 2 is because im always cold.  So this brings about the WHERE to buy debate.  My dream house would be in irvine probably.  close to freeways, safe, and pretty.  but houses are way too much there so i'd like to buy in the buena park (90620) or anaheim (92805) area.  We'll see who wins that one!

 this is the closest thing I could find to my dream home. With a price tag of $940,000, it will be just that-a DREAM house!

beautiful house in the orange hills...i LOVE the exterior colors, i LOVE that its in a cul-de-sac, and i LOVE the outdoor uplights!

how awesome this would be on a hot summer night.  the view is amazing.  the only thing i would add is lots of grass for kramer and his visiting cousins & friends!

my favorite layout...everything in one big space.  Ive always wanted white and tan in the kitchen & bamboo floors like this.  and i love all the natural lighting here.

more natural light and more of a stunning view! and those big plantation shutters make me drool.

this teeny tiny table doesnt belong here! i dream of a huge rectangular table with seating for at least 8. dinner parties are a must in my near future.

no dream home is complete without a fire place

the bathroom needs redone in my opinion.  And there definitely needs to be a chandelier hanging over that lovely tub.

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