Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This past thursday was our little mans 6th "birthday"..aka the day we got him.  Every year he gets a toy & a treat...and most years we get treats too!:) this year was some cupcakes, he got half of an unfrosted one plus a squeaky toy he destroyed in 2 minutes! He also got to share some wet food with the kitties, which they all love!

that day i was also FINALLY able to get into the dr. with our new insurance, which i have spent literally about 5 hours total trying to figure out why we werent anywhere in the system even though we paid! So i finally got my flu shot...I never get those but this year with my big malibu wedding coming up i couldnt risk being sick.  On Friday I was finally able to get our vision insurance sorted out so I went and got new glasses....i've had the same ones for about 5 years and for the past 2 my eyes have been so bad, so its about time.  I had my sister come help me choose my frames and this was the best pic i found on my phone (i took pics of most the ones i liked, cause pictures always look different!)
later that night we made our pumpkins!  well, i made them....magnos not much of a pumpkin guy.

saturday i woke up to rain, which was just lovely!  I went to brunch at bruxie with my parents then headed to the grocery store for soup stuff. I made yummy chicken tortilla soup & it was delicious...the perfect soup for a perfectly rainy and cold day! magno did this..
later in the day magnos mom came over and we watched scary movies & finally got to see all her pictures from her trip to mexico 2 weeks ago.  As usual, she brought back tons of stuff for us!  Magnos family over there is SO sweet and even though ive never met them they always send me stuff! this time was homemade jewelry, little appetizer sticks with guadalajara land marks on them, mexican candy galore, a cute shirt, and this adorable pink coffee mug with built in spoon
this week will be a busy one for me, tying up any loose ends for my nov 9 wedding and having tons of phone meetings with vendors & the bride, and making timelines, and all that fun stuff.  I'll be glad to pick up my glasses on Friday and be able to see again!

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