Friday, October 26, 2012

I finally got new curtains! Heres the mismatched, weird colored ones we had before..

and heres the upgarded, all the same color, much better ones we have now!
its hard to see in this picture, but one of the reasons I love them is because they are slightly transparent.  While for now, i love being able to get sunlight in and being able to see the trees outside..
i also do like my privacy.  So i might take the two old white curtains that were there before, and attach them to the back of these so they act as a sort of liner.  But im not sold on that yet though since i really love the extra light in the place.  Best part of these though?  CLEARANCE!  I got 4 panels for $30. With these windows being so wide, I kept the ugly old panels on until i found a real good deal, and i finally did!

Oh, and did you notice my chalkboard got a Halloween upgrade?  Its a quote from my favorite halloween movie, Hocus Pocus!I'll be sad to erase it but Im sure i'll find something equally as cute for thanksgiving:)

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