Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last week, we had to say goodbye to our big beautiful beau.  It was unexpected and incredibly hard, but he had an amazing life.  My cousin got some great pictures of him from vacation this past summer, and they all capture beau and when he was happiest..on vacation!  I miss him so much already but Im a little comforted knowing that my grandma is taking care of him in heaven:)

we took kramer and fluffy to get some fresh air and exersize later on in the week...they had a rough week with aall their humans crying all the time so they needed a reward!

i also did some wedding flowers for a friend of a friend, that kept me busy and the office smelling amazing:)

i finally did my halloween decorating...i usually like to have my stuff up by the first week of october but this year my approach was better late than never!

we had one beautifully rainy and fall day which ended quickly and now we are back to 90 degree misery.

the outdoor kitty tomato got to come in and explore to stay out of the rain
we also finally went on the hauted orange walking tour.  ive been wanting to do it ever since i heard about it and before halloween seemed like the perfect time.  it was some interesting stuff but not scary or anything to do again, but i checked it off my list.

been making some things from pinterest of course!
fruit salad with honey lime dressing and citrus infused water
 delicious granola which magno LOVES!
 and lastly this little home DIY....a lamp shade converted to a ceiling drum shade to make ugly apartment lighting seem a little less ugly:)

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