Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The office just doesn't translate in photos well.  These pictures look terrible!  But, only me and magno know how truly atrocious the office was just a few days ago, so even this looks great to us.  Heres how it looks now

this room is where all the extra decor just goes. In no sort of order or style, it just goes.  So, to say it needs some work is an understatement.  The lack of baseboards in still obnoxiously noticeable and theres not enough storage in here.  But still, its worlds better.  I want to get some more cabinet storage and re arrange the furniture to be like this
Not the colors just the furniture arrangement haha.  and I also wanna find an amazing tufted vintage chair for the corner
i wish i could just pin office stuff on pinterest then just have it magically appear in our office and have it be done!

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Shannon Olson said...

Looks great! I think a rug under the desk would really pull the room together!