Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lately, I feel like my full time is cleaning up other peoples problems!  It's been a crazy stressful few weeks of just annoyance after annoyance...hopefully it calms down soon & we can go back to the way we like it...drama free & easy!! I've been working a lot more than normal....Im doing the flowers for a wedding on October 6th and full service coordination for a wedding on November 9th...that sucker has taken up all my time but it will be well worth it!  I've also been meeting with new potential brides, so im excited to see where those go! In between all the work and stress I realized I NEED the office to be functional...it was basically a storage room but I've been slowly working on it so hopefully I can share updates on that tomorrow.  Today is living room updates.  Not many, but we are making a bit of progress.

Things we did:
-ordered the matching loveseat after getting fed up of having to sit straight up while watching movies!
-hung some pix for the start of a gallery wall
-got new pillow covers for the throw pillows

Things we still need to do
-BASEBOARDS! once it cools down, we are dying to get the pretty white baseboards on to pull the room together.
-new curtains.  or some sort of window treatment..havent decided yet so the current curtains are still the ones that were there when we moved in.
-bigger area rug.  what i'll be adding on my xmas list!
-repaint. all the tan is driving me nuts!!
-move the vintage bedroom dresser into the living room and move the current entertainment center into the bedroom....its much less deep so it will give us more bedroom space.

in between laundry and grocery shopping and couponing and working and cleaning and cooking and calls and walking kramer...hopefully i'll get the office a little more organized so I can share that soon:)

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