Tuesday, September 4, 2012

long weekends always go by the quickest! i loved having magno here an extra day with me but now it feels like it never even happened! oh, plus, our apartment still looks like this..
so i still feel like a chicken with my head cut off!  On saturday I ignored the chaos around me & me, magno, and my friend hilarie went to the street fair.

we came home, rested, and watched bridesmaids until later on when we went back....it was way too crowded with too many drunk people so we were forced to leave, but at least we got food! Sunday i woke up with a migraine.  I knew it'd be a long day so i decided to go urgent care and just take care of it before suffering all day.  The wait there was almost 2 hours, so i had to make an appointment for later in the day.  I decided to stop at the pharmacy there before leaving & luckily they had a generic brand of my favorite headache medicine that isnt sold anymore, so i got that hoping it would help & i wouldnt need to go back.

luckily, it worked pretty well & by later on in the day i was able to get out of bed.  We went to my moms house for the breaking bad finale, which we'd been looking forward to for weeks! She even set up a breaking bad table complete with games & fake blue meth!

Monday was a lazy day since i still wasnt feeling that great. we took kramer to the park for a nice long walk & then out for ice cream...and thats about as much activity as the day had!

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