Monday, August 6, 2012

this week was the first week in 4+ years that i've had health insurance! i took full advantage & made an appointment for the very day my coverage kicked in.  3 hours, 3 shots & 10 tubes of blood later, i was done.  but not before i called magno (who was at home sick!) hysterically crying AFTER i got all the shots...he started hysterically laughing at my reaction....its safe to say i do NOT act 25 when it comes to the dr=/
if that wasn't tramatizing enough, i came home to kramer having what sounded like major breathing problems. we rushed him to the vet $520 later we were sent home with no medicine & no results.  That was a rough night watching him struggle & I cried even was just a bad day. i got zero sleep that night & was a zombie all day friday as a result.  so me and kramer stayed in bed almost the entire day.  he seemed to be a little better though thank god!
finally around 4 i got myself up & ready because we planned a surprise 30th anniversary party for my parents at their house. we got cake & flowers and gifts...everything a  party should have!

the rest of the weekend was spent being lazy, laying around with kramer watching the olympics which im currently obsessed with.  I watch at least a few hours of it everyday & can't believe its the first olympics ive every watched!
we also squeezed in a beach trip before the weekend ended.   the dogs loved it and it was nice to get outside & enjoy the nice weather.

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Lacey said...

Poor Kramer! Is he fine now? And what a cute party for your parents!