Monday, August 20, 2012

lately, its been way too hot to do anything. it was even really hot at the beach, but we still enjoyed taking kramer there for an afternoon of summer fun:)

over the past few weeks we've been looking for apartments, but found NOTHING! luckily, my sister did! So she will be moving which means we FINALLY DONT HAVE TO & we get a 2 bedroom apartment all to ourselves.  we are really excited & have lots of decorating ideas in mind already.  Me and my sister went couch shopping & had picked out the perfect couch.  not the prettiest, but its the most comfortable couch on the planet.  I took pix to show magno & of course he hated it.  said it looked like a dead elephant.

 So I made him go back with me & we both decided on one cute & tiny couch when we had originally went in for a sectional.  We love the curved legs on the couch & the fabric.  Since its small, we are looking for some really awesome and vintage arms chairs.  Keep an eye out for me, people!

now that the place will be only ours, i can bombard the walls with wedding pix again:)
This weekend we got lots of stuff.  Not only did we get the couch, we had to buy a new fridge so we went and got that, we also went and bought a portable dishwasher.  Looks hideous in the kitchen and blocks half the cabinets but i dont even care. dishwashers make me happy.
we also got another really pretty addition.....a window AC we lived this long without it i'll never know, but my dad gave it to us & after the 90 degree weather the past 2 weeks, we gladly accepted it.
to make up for the last 2 ugly photos, heres two of the pretty sunsets we had lately.  one out our bedroom window & one from the park where we took our dinner one night to escape the heat (pre-AC)

last but not least, heres kramer being cute.

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