Tuesday, August 21, 2012

its a miracle. I went into a thrift store looking for chairs, and low and behold, i actually found them...and they were perfect!!!

we knew with older chairs we'd be doing some type of restoring, with the fabric or the wood, and luckily, these babies dont need much work on either.  with a really good cleaning we might not even need to replace the fabric, which would be ideal.  I sent the picture to magno at work and he LOVED them and thought they were so cool....so i shoved them in my car & brought them home as fast as I blinked.  I set them up on the wall we want to have them on.
but since the house is such a disaster from my sister moving,  they are very tempoarily there while since its hard to see what something will look like with her furniture & boxes everywhere.  Im trying to not get TOO vintage with the look of the living room so I want to add some fun & modern pillows to the chairs, maybe these
i wish i could just snap my fingers and have the room be done, but I do want a unique and vintage/modern/cozy feel so i know it will take a while to achieve that.  Afterall, this IS the last place we will live before we buy!  Who knows how long we'll be here but it will at least be another year-ish so we might as well make it our own till then. i put in the measurments of the room on a decor website & placed the furniture where we want it.  and i totally forgot to add a coffee table, oops.
and now that im looking at it laid out, i think we might have to go back and get the matching loveseat to the couch. that wall will look too empty with nothing there. but it might look too crowded with it there.

 these are life changing decisions so i should probably ask magno his opinion a million times and not give up till he answers just the way i want him too, haha!

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