Monday, August 27, 2012

i've been hiding a dirty secret.  its old & its ugly.  its the contact paper thats been in our kitchen drawers.  can't be any younger than 15 years old, and its not even put on properly.  its green and yellow, its bad.

this weekend i decided i couldnt take it anymore so i replaced it with new contact paper.  

i now open my spice drawer with joy and happiness haha:)
this weekend we were at home depot a lot for some reason....kramer didnt mind
and i was able to get a break from the craziness happening at our place right now(with my sisters stuff getting ready to be moved out, and our stuff being ready to be moved in) with a date with my wonderful friend aiza. we went to the circle for starbucks, sushi, and antique shopping.  
this wednesday is the actual move in bad both my sister and magno work that if i want anything moved, it'll have to be done by ME! we'll see how that goes;)

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