Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my phone is having major picture issues so ive had to delete a lot of the pictures i took in the last few weeks but heres a few things we've been up to.

i worked the tim mcgraw concert for a friend who needed help at his job..and i was in the sun for 8+ hours which left a lovely sun burn
on friday we went to see the dark knight rises for magnos pre birthday celebration.  Jesse, gibson, megan, james, scooter, zelda, sam, adrianna, & chris all joined us & everyone loved the movie. I made batman cupcakes & water bottles for everyone of coruse!
we also celebrated the next night by having fight night with a few friends..we had margaritas & yummy grilled hamburgers then we watched a scary movie which i slept through:) the next day we grilled the leftovers for lunch & relaxed the whole day...the birthday boys favorite thing to do!
his actual birthday was tuesday the 24th so we couldn't really do anything that day...his mom came over & i made lasagna, his favorite.  we had cake & opened presents....even kramer got a seat at the table to eat with us!;)

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