Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So since I've started seeing a dr for my headaches/stress level/TMJ, i've changed a few things about my life that i THINK have been helping so I wanted to share them!

  • Ive started sleeping with the TV and am LOVING it so far.  I've slept with the tv on for 25 years, every single night, and i cut it off cold turkey & sleep better as a result.  
  • Ive started drinking protein shakes every morning.  My dr. said that the worst thing I do is not eat breakfast, so he told me to have a protein shake in the morning which will start my day off right and give me more energy.  He was so right, the other night I went to the grocery store at 8:30pm...usually im done for the day by 4 because im just too tired to move.  So I'm really loving the results of just the shakes alone.
  • YOGA.  I haven't gotten full blown into yoga yet, but my dr said it will help me  A LOT.  But i did get a yoga mat and right after I get out of bed I do a few stretches & stuff to get my muscles movin.  I told my dr how absolutely horrific yoga/meditation is for me because i cant concentrate or turn my brain off, and he said it will take tons of practice so i'm willing to start off verrry slow and go from there.  
  • breathing- ive changed the way i breathe as recommended by my dr.  every change i get, i take deep breaths in through my belly instead of short quick breaths.  it helps release my tension & jaw tightness. 
So far everything he's recommended has been working..i still have jaw tightness all day everyday, but he said it will take a while to undo all the damage i've done.  So i've been going in weekly to get cracked & stretched...its getting expensive but im willing to try anything before going to a real dr who will just write me a prescription.  Im still having trouble with the WHY' why am I like this when theres millions of stressed out people who arent in pain all the time, why is taking such a toll on my body, why do i feel like im 55 when im 25.....its annoying and i know it could be worse, but im doing everything i can do help change it and i guess thats all i can do! 

my morning smoothies

kramer doing his daily yoga

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