Monday, June 18, 2012

what we've been doing lately.. always!  I got another box of organic veggies delivered last week so i've had to get creative with cooking and make things I normally wouldnt. i like thinking outside the box with food:)

magno had to take another mortgage test, he got his california and his national tests passed a while ago which is required to start working in the industry, and now hes going for 4 other states...on saturday he passed Massachusetts with a 94 percent!  Later that evening we went out to dinner with our neighbor jesse and he treated us to dinner, drinks, and dessert in honor of magno passing!  Magno and Jesse have a bond like none other, as you can tell.
i also went for an interview at one of my dream wedding planning companies in OC.  I was so excited & was ready to kick the crap out of the interview but was pretty bummed out when i got there and discovered that they were setting up interviews more so in hopes of selling all the interview-ees on their THREE THOUSAND dollar wedding planning classes instead!! Um, no.  It's so weird because its a huge company and very prestigious in the industry, but I feel totally jipped and scammed by even showing up for the interview.  Guess that wasn't the big break I was looking for! but i did get to wear my cute interview outfit:) i LOVE business clothes and rarely get to wear them!
Yesterday was fathers day.  We went out to a yummy place in long beach called schooner or later, it was such a nice day!
after that we took magnos dad bowling & its safe to say that i shouldnt even be allowed in bowling alleys.

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