Thursday, January 12, 2012

i tried a few new things already this week for dinner & all were good so i thought i'd share.

honey chicken (from here) with white rice & brocoli.  I steamed the brocoli & put butter and garlic salt on top..yum!

after that i had a chocolate craving but didnt have any cake frosting on hand, only the cake mix.  So i made these minus the nuts & choc. chips & using choc. cake mix easy & delicious!
And in an effort to fulfill my new years resolution of having more meatless meals, i created this...caprese rice.  I lOOOOVE caprese salad so i threw all the indgridients of that into some white rice & tossed it all together with garlic infused olive oil(i also put red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper in the oil) & it turned out really well.  I toasted & buttered some bread on the side & it was really fulfilling & no animals died:)