Monday, January 16, 2012

$8 artwork

this weekend was unlike any other because we were actually productive! imagine that.

During the week, i saw this cute project here & wanted to make it.  I sent it to my sister who also wanted to make it so we decided to get together & make some art.
we got together with our guys & both thought it wouldn't be as easy as we thought so they had no choice but to get involved and help us.  They saw the picture & the directions and thought that there was no way the girl used brand new wood to make that & said it wouldnt look like this. but we wanted it to look like this!  so luckily my sisters boyfriend came up with the idea to go look at some old wood he had from a torn down fence.  It was different colored but we thought it could actually work.  plus, it was already old and distressed saving us the steps of staining and distressing it.  perfect!  so we took the wood over to my sisters house & the boys got cutting.  they cut the wood about 40" long & sanded it a bit.
Then we went to home depot to get the hanging supplies and the painting supplies.  We also got 1x3's to glue and nail into each indiviudal board to hold it all together.  After the wood base was done, me and annie painted LOVE on the bottom corner & sprayed over it with a glossy spray paint.  After drying, it was done & exactly what we wanted!  different from the original, but we still love it! Whats even better, since jon already had the wood, we spent $8 total! now i finally have art in our bedroom!
i love that it matches my new bedding perfectly! much better than the before!

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