Tuesday, November 22, 2011

this week im using blogging to procrastinate for thanksgiving shopping.. i figure if i just sit on the couch and blog, i can avoid going out & fighting the crazies for the last can of green beans. however, my fate is unevitable=/

this weekend i finally got around to making chicken posole for the first time.  it was SO good & surprisingly easy so i'll probably have to make it on every rainy day from now on.
we also had fight night on saturday.  i made french bread pizzas & potato rounds
sunday me and my friend hilarie went to go see "like crazy".  they had star wars cut outs at the movie theatre we just had to do it.
it was SO cold & rainy that day so the rest of the day was spent eating my posole, watching all my sunday shows, & consoling magno.  i say consoling because he had scheduled his national NMLS test for the next day so he spent the whole day studying, but as it got later he kept getting more and more nervous.  he ending up pushing back the test for another week and will take it this monday.  he just didn't feel prepared enough so he's gunna have another week of nothing but studying ahead of him.  I can't wait for this all to be over but i know it will pay off.  It's a really tough test & its really hard to get certified so once you are, you get paid well for that.  So we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but vaguely!;) monday I woke up early and worked a little bit before heading over to visit with the family i used to babysit for.  I rarely see them so when I do i try to set aside a whole day.  Me & caitlyn went to the park & played kickball for while, then we went to cerritos mall & shopped for a few hours & ate some lunch, then we got ice cream & went back to her house to play for another few hours.  i was SO tired afterwards!  I was having her help me find something to wear for me and magnos 1sst anniversary coming up but we both agreed nothing we saw was cute enough to buy.  she did knit me a headband though & it turned out so cute! shes the sweetest thing...i cant believe i've known her since she was 3 and now shes 10!
today i got a little bit more work done, did some cleaning, cooked lunch for magno and his coworker, now im getting distracted by a teen mom marathon! i HAVE to get to the store tonight before all the thanksgiving stuff is gone if it isn't already!

3 days till black friday!!!!

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