Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thanksgiving is over=( the night before as i was out running errands, my car decided not to start.  turned out to be a dead battery but luckily magno was with me & even though it took a few hours of searching for the correct battery & battling all the traffic, we got it fixed. kramer waited patiently in the car with me:)

On Thanksgiving we had lunch at my parents house and i regret only having one plate which i didnt even finish. no leftovers, no seconds, no nothing- thats it! what a stupid decision that was!=/

as usual, the day revolved around all the dogs...when we bring kramer over that makes 6 dogs at the house.

we came home later that night and decided to head over to target.  we got there and the line to get in was really long, so we waited in the car for a few minutes till everyone was in.  well, the "end of the line" wasn't where we thought it was and people just kept appearing, it was getting too crazy, so we left.  the next day we took kramer to the park, which is my new favorite park and its right by us(william mason park)...we took our christmas card pictures there & as soon as we were done, kramer decided to roll in duck poop and we had to come straight home and give him a bath.

then we causally went back to target around 4pm and got everything we had wanted for people, no problem!  i coulda been sleeping the night before instead! On Saturday we had a lovely 80 degree day to enjoy...i LOVE having a random summer day in the middle of winter...its always so uplifting haha. We spent the day at my parents house & i finally went to visit my friend hilarie's new kitten, Lucy.  she is the smallest kitten ive ever seen, 9 weeks old & the sweetest little thing!

after i tore myself away from Lucy i went to dinner with my parents, aunt, and uncle while magno stayed home and studied. & then i was sick the rest of the night so im never eating Marie Calendars again!

Sunday i woke up and did my usual clipping of coupons.  i headed out to pick up a few Christmas things & to cash in some of my coupons for free stuff:) nothing makes me happier haha.  The stores were crazy but i got some really good deals & left with everything i needed.  I came home & started the Christmas decorating.  We always do it right after Thanksgiving & I wouldn't have it any other way.  With a combo of coupons & sales, I made this wreath for about $4 & i love it!

yesterday magno went to take THE TEST.  ya know, the test he's been studying for for months, & thats been consuming our lives every since? Well, HE PASSED with flying colors! a 92% to be exact.  We are both SO excited.  He is now a lisenced loan originator.  And soon, after he passes a few more state tests, he'll be a mortgage banker.  The other state tests will be a lot easier than the national test though, so he can casually take those whenever he wants.  He already took & passed his CA test.  In order to get a job as a loan originator, you not only need to pass your test, but you need a mortgage company to sponsor you.  He's meeting with a company across the street from our complex now to sign all the paper work since they already offered it to him a few weeks ago. so he's more than halfway there:)

We are REALLY excited to put this test stress behind us & celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend!  We are spending the weekend in Long Beach at the hotel we stayed at the week of our wedding.  We LOVED the hotel and have such fond memories of Long Beach in general, so we are excited to go and get away=)


beeswax said...

Wow, happy almost anniversary!
I love the way you have decorated for Christmas, it looks great =)

beeswax said...

that last comment was suppose to be from shannon hahahhahah