Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When I was shopping for my wedding dress (just about a year ago from now!) I knew exactly what I wanted.  I never went to a bridal store & tried on dresses with a group of girls, or anything cliche like that.  I went straight to ebay.  Thats right, ebay.  I bought the shiloette of my dress there for $100. The original design of the dress was based off of this STUNNING, GORGEOUS, DROOL-WORTHY Jim Hjelm Design.
this piece of art was about $7,000 which was about $6,900 over my budget! So after the shiloette of my dress came in the mail (it came less than a month before the wedding) I rushed it over to my seamstress who worked wonders on it.  It was about 2 sizes too big on me & just all around bad.  The diamond belt was nothing but sequins.  But apparently the ebay seller felt the need to compensate me with this GORGEOUS, classy veil for free! (thats a joke btw..look at that thing!)
About $300 later, I had a completely custom gown that fit me like a glove.  Its not exact, and still the Jim Hjelm original still kicks my dresses booty, but it was close enough for me to fall in love with it.

& thats how my sweet little $400 dress came to be.  And in case your wondering, I will not recommend getting your dress less than a month before your wedding or getting it from ebay.  I was lucky, you may not be.

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