Friday, October 7, 2011

boring bedroom

for some reason, our bedroom has been neglegted since we moved into this place.  it's never been decorated and I really had never even thought about it for some reason.  We are never in there except when we are sleeping, so i guess I just spent my time and money decorating the rest of the place.  But I am now starting to see how badly this room needs help.
everything is white! it looks so much worse in this picture than it does in real life too, so as soon as I finish this post i'll be online shopping! We have nothing on the walls, nothing on the bed...nothing anywhere.  maybe thats why we're never in there, cause its too ugly and boring! I had no plans when it came to this bedroom so I went to good old pinterest for some inspiration & found this bedroom that I really like
i like that its simple with that cute pop of yellow.  And it would be pretty cheap to do something like this in our room since we have a blank canvas right now. It also looks non-fussy.  I love how pretty beds look with layers of sheets and fancy pillows & throws...but those things take forever to look like that & I'm not a good bed maker as it is, so i need something low maintenance!

hopefully I get around to this soon & can have some updated pictures by next week.

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Shannon Olson said...

That is such a good idea to add just a few pops of color and the whole room will look different!