Monday, October 3, 2011

After months of anticipation, this Saturday was finally Shannon's wedding day! Her day turned out amazing & she looked glowing.  Her retro 50's theme was pulled off in the perfect way & her wedding was the funnest I've ever worked.  Her family was so nice & appreciative to me, I even got an invite to visit her new family in New Zealand!:) Magno was there using the families video camera to tape the wedding, so it was fun having him there to see what I do! He was really surprised at the amount of work that goes into a coordination & told me I'm on my own from now on hahaha:) I told him to bring my camera and take pictures but this the only thing i saw when i got home that night!!! men.
So as soon as she gets her professional pictures back, i'll do a whole post about the wedding and all its cute details.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Torrens, thank you for letting me a part of your day!!

& heres my newest blog at the bridal district!

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