Wednesday, August 31, 2011

on tuesday we had a day on the water at my bosses beach house in newport/balboa. im VERY unadventurous so i surprised myself when i agreed to get on a paddleboard.
then i got a little crazier and even agreed to get on a jet ski in the bay. little did i know my boss was a total dare devil and CRAZY on a jetski! she went out to the actual ocean and kept on going, going as fast as she could the whole way! It was actually really really fun & now i want a seadoo!

when we got back we were freezing so we hopped in the hot tub. after warming up we got dressed and took the duffy out for a cruise around the harbor while listening to frank sinatra. and now i want a duffy too!
we drove right up and parked on the water to an amazing restaurant, SOL cocina. me and magno actually looked into that place for our reception before booking our venue:)we had tacos and got serenaded by a live was so fun!
it was such a fun day and i was poooped when magno picked me up.  he was interviewing at some place in santa ana while i was out having fun.  he was offered the job but he isnt going to take it...he doesn't think it will be profitable enough and he feels that hes over qualified which he most likely is REALLY overqualified! he decided to sign up to take classes which result in him getting his lisense to sell mortgages!  so he starts that on tuesday and will get a job in mortgages right away once hes done.  stay tuned for updates on that!

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