Saturday, September 10, 2011

this is my perfect blogging scenario right now. its raining, thunder-ing(?), magnos still asleep, and i have hot coffee=) unexpected summer rain is the best!!! anyways, we've been pretty busy around here. lots of changes, which we all know i hate..but nothing we can't handle!

going back to last week..i had m first pool day of the summer (thats pretty pathetic) along with megan and sara. we went swimming and layed was a nice little break!
we had a busy weekend coming up so we packed up some crap and went to my moms house...we didnt want to stay home and have kramer be home alone allllll day. at least at my moms house he can go pee whenever he wants! im not trying to have my pretty clean carpet peed on haha. 
magno had plans to go to LA for 2 days for some gaming conference thing. i didnt know anything about it really but i made him take the camera!

he said he had a lot of fun but was too tired to go back the second day haha. 
the next day i ended up working with my friend gibson at his new business SNOWFLAKES! they booked their first big event and needed some extra help. it was a 15 hour work day and i was dead tired by the end of it but it was awesome!! the snowflakes team is so nice, they are all so hardworking and appreciative & im glad to see that their business will go far!

check out their website and follow them to find out their locations...its SO good and even though its cold and rainy right now i really want one haha:)

the next day i was too tired to do anything, so we literally did NOTHING all day! we had a really awesome sunset at night though & it even rained!

the weather was too perfect not to sit out on the patio to enjoy it!

Monday was memorial day.  we were still at my mom and dads house so we used that as a lazy movie day.  we went to market broiler for lunch and then went to see planet of the apes...the saddest movie ever!!!

in work news, magno is still not back to work. but, he decided to use this time to do something hes always wanted to do...get his mortgage lisence! so he enrolled in online classes and has been working his butt off.  he will be certified a few days from now!

he already had an interview at a mortgage place thats a few feet away from where we live!!

of course the interviewer loved him, and it just so happens that during the interview, an old coworker/lawyer friend of his walked in and gave magno rave reviews which only sweetened the deal:) legally, he cant get the job till hes certified so we'll know soon:) he would LOVE this job so im really excited for him.

i've been busy getting ready for my trip to vegas on monday! im going for 4 days to the wedding MBA.  its a 3 day seminar full of wedding planning/business information & its just an all together awesome thing to put on my resume.  im going with 2 of my coworkers & we're all really exited. of course im so sad to leave magno and kramer, but ill be so busy in vegas that i doubt i'll have time to think about it!

and last thing before i go..poor kramer broke off his dew claw last week and had to get the stub of it removed at the vet...which was really painful for him (and me!) this is what he looked like for a few days

hope everyone has a great weekend!!<3

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